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Data Verification for Banks and Financial Service Providers

We support you in complying with the KYC guidelines

Banks and financial service providers are obliged to carry out precise identification of their customers. This process is also called KYC (Know Your Customer). The aim of these KYC guidelines is to prevent banks from being intentionally or unintentionally misused by criminal elements for money laundering activities. The associated procedures enable banks to better understand both their customers and their financial transactions and thus to manage the associated risks prudently.
In order to comply with the KYC Directive “Customer Identification Procedures” of natural persons, the name, point of period, city, PeP status (politically exposed persons) and sanctions list status, among other things, must be verified. This also includes beneficial owners, shareholders and officials. Banks and financial service providers, as well as their software providers, require automated solutions for the reconciliation and verification of this master data. We at econob support you with our data toolset!

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