Data Quality Service

Customer-specific information processing & data science services

econob has many years of practical experience in handling all kinds of data. This enables us to support our customers throughout all phases of digitalization, ranging from requirements elicitation to fully automated data management. As services we offer among others the following activities:

Areas of Operation

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Preparation and Data Cleansing
  • Data and Information Structuring, Data Transformation
  • Data Quality
  • Data Management
  • Data and Text Analytics
  • Reports and Assessments

What we Offer

  • Acquisition, connection, processing and provision of information
  • Design and setup of data analytics and storage management
  • Structuring of textual information (text becomes data)
  • Standardization, merging, and harmonization of data
  • Improvement of customer and client data: Cleansing, Extension, Verification, Unification
  • Individual data analytics and reporting
  • Social media research and reporting
  • Real-time social media monitoring and alerting