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Increased data quality for marketing service providers

We increase the quality of your customer communication

Marketing service providers thrive on dialogue. In order to lead a dialogue it needs a first contact. Marketing experts get the contact information from their customers. However, the quality of the data received often does not meet the requirements of target-oriented and successful communication. Incomplete information, wrong entries due to similar sounding names or multiple entries are only a few examples that lead to marketing campaigns not having the expected success. An investment in the customer master data management is the basis and the key to success for a successful and professional customer dialogue marketing. If you are of the opinion to boost your profit as well as your company reputation by increasing the quality of the customer master data, then we are exactly the right partner with the use of our marketing data management toolset.

Use of the marketing data management toolset

In order to successfully carry out online or offline campaigns, it is necessary to maintain and manage a clean master data record. Marketing companies are faced with the challenge of regularly comparing master data records newly supplied by their customers with the existing customer data records.
Marketing data management
This is exactly where econob’s marketing data management toolset comes in. New data sets are specifically improved in the first phase of standardization. Each data set is individually checked, standardized, cleaned and extended. Error detections and adjustments are carried out, and new information (e.g. missing postal code) is derived, enriched and proposed in case of ambiguity. In the second phase, the standardized new data sets are compared with the existing master data and checked for duplicates ( multiple entries). The result of both phases leads to a well maintained master data record.

Your benefit at a glance

  • Manage a clean master data record for each of your customers
  • Legal compliance, GDPR
  • Strengthened customer satisfaction, trust and reputation
  • Increase of the conversion rate and the resulting profit
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses and costs (e.g. multiple sending of unaddressed mail)

Our offer – the data quality check

Get an overview of the quality of your master data. We offer you our data quality check. In addition we come to you and check your quality potential. As a result, you will receive an evaluation of the current status of your data. The data quality check delivers you the decision basis for further next steps!

We have never made such a giant step in data quality for our customers before – in such a short time.

We are happy to work with you according to – better data, insights, business

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