Text Classification

Learning from texts – recognizing and using relevant content

Understanding, enriching and routing through automated classification

Enterprises are constantly drowning in incoming information which have to be handled instantly. These include customer feedback, complaints, questions and requests from a wide variety of sources such as email, social media or dedicated communication channels. Missing out on taking care of these communications or leaving it open for a too long period of time results in serious trouble regarding trust, competence, compliance and thus, business success.

The core competence of econob lies in intelligent data and text classification with the aim of utilizing critical, unstructured, textual information. The Text Classification service supports companies in accessing untapped sources of information, preprocessing them highly customized and exploit the result directly.

The competent cooperation and good support enabled us to achieve very promising results in a short time in the automated evaluation of clinical texts.
Peter L. Reichertz, Institute for Medical Informatics of the TU Braunschweig and the Hannover Medical School

Your advantages at a glance

  • Machine learning from existing data
  • Grouping, filtering and indexing
  • Objective classification of content by topic
  • Always up-to-date and maintenance-free
  • Automation in real time
  • Time and resource saving
  • Support through attractive funding grants
  • Increased customer satisfaction, trust, and reputation
Our offer
Automated content processing
as a basis for your applications

  • Individual keywording
  • Tailor-made allocation of topics
  • Learning of profiles

Full Automation – An important aspect for your business success

The fields of application are manifold and range from topic identification, meta tagging, information routing to alerting and reporting. Based on extensive research and innovative machine learning algorithms, econob delivers self-trained, scalable, accurate mechanisms that support companies on their way from manual text and information handling to semi-automatic and fully automated intelligent workflows.


  • Provision of content for training and automation


  • Processing of training data
  • Evaluate different models
  • Deploy optimal model


  • Supply classification functionalities
  • Integrate automated labeling
  • Refine models


  • Enriching meta data records
  • Assign labels to topics, people, and peer groups
  • Semantic topic search, assignment and storage


  • Preparation and transmission of keywords, topics and profiles

Our experts listen, analyze, plan, train, set up a tailor-made system and help with its integration.


Tailor-made for companies that do not or only insufficiently exploit machine learning for labeling and therefore miss potential business opportunities, overlook relevant content and processes or react too late or not at all.


The integration of the Text Classification service, hosted or in-house depending on requirements, is fast and easily done via the standardized REST API.
Lingrep TC Integration


  • Offline text categorization
  • Content keywording
  • Allocation of labels to topics, persons and groups
  • Recommendations for automation
  • Attractive funding grants (up to 50 %)
Price on request


  • Automated text categorization
  • IT Infrastructure check
  • System setup
  • Integration support
  • Initial configuration
  • Recommendations for automation
  • Staff training
  • Attractive funding grants (up to 50 %)
Price: Setup plus € 500,00 per month


  • Specific solutions
  • Support and implementation of selected applications
  • Project management, consulting, workshops, and training
  • System development and integration
  • Architecture, IT, legal, data
  • Added value through process integration
  • Attractive funding grants (up to 50 %)
Price on request
Selected Customer References
  • KELAG – Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft
  • Uniquare
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Use Cases

Labeling of Topics, Routing of eMails, Priorization of Urgency, Rating of Contents, …


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