Data Improvement

The path to clean and accurate data

Cost savings, reputation and legal compliance through higher data quality

Today’s business world is dominated by digital data processing. Smooth data exchange and efficient processes require clean and accurate master data. However, the problems start with the collection and retrieval of the data: Incomplete information from customers, incorrect entries due to similar sounding names, careless and typing errors during input, missing information in optional fields or misinterpreted content often occur systematically. In most cases, immediate adjustment is not feasible for time and money reasons.

Master data is further subject to ongoing and mconstant changes and – if not maintained properly – can easily result in data chaos: customer entries (base data) may be recorded repeatedly (duplicate data entries), suppliers may be changed or entire companies may be merged or taken over. The Data Improvement service supports companies in this process to ensure clean, accurate, correct and consistent master data in order to avoid unnecessary costs and to maintain legal compliance.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Increase in data quality
  • Normalized, standardized, and accurate master data
  • Plausibility check and duplicate identification
  • Legal conformity, GDPR
  • Time and resource saving
  • Avoidance of unnecessary expenses and costs
  • Support trough attractive funding grants
  • Increased customer satisfaction, trust, and reputation
Our offer
Services to improve data quality

  • Preparation, improvement
    and enrichment of data
  • Detecting and cleaning up duplicates
  • Sustainable optimization
    of data quality

We have never made such a giant step in data quality for our customers before – in such a short time.

Clean Data – A prerequisite for your business success

The system offers diverse application possibilities ranging from customer master data (CRM), customer and article master data (e-commerce) to components and semi-finished products with different item/part numbers (ERP). Based on comprehensive research and innovative algorithms econob provides – highly performant and scalable – accurate data and supports companies to comply with future data legislation (Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2018).


  • Provision of data
  • Preparation for automation
  • Analysis and structuring


  • Cleansing, unification and standardization
  • Error detection and correction
  • Enrichment with additional information
  • Verification and validation


  • Similarity check and recognition resulting from the input, semantics, phonetics
  • Merging of duplicates, manually or automatically


  • Comparison with internal and external data sources (e.g. PEPs, Terror lists)
  • Linking to other databases


  • Result preparation and transmission
  • Recommendations for sustainable quality assurance

Our experts listen, analyze, plan, train, set up a tailor-made system and help with its integration.


Tailor-made for companies that struggle with data quality in their systems and therefore miss out on business opportunities, lose customer confidence or are unable to comply with legal guidelines.


The integration of the Data Quality Tool, hosted or in-house depending on requirements, is fast and easily done via the standardized REST API.


  • Data preparation and analysis
  • Cleansing, standardization, correction
  • Duplicate identification
  • Quality improvement recommendations
  • Attractive funding grants (up to 50 %)
Price: € 0.25 per adjusted data record


  • IT Infrastructure check
  • System setup
  • Integration support
  • Initial configuration
  • Quality improvement recommendations
  • Staff training
  • Attractive funding grants (up to 50 %)
Price: Setup plus € 600,00 per month


  • Support and implementation of selected data quality steps
  • Project management, consulting, workshops, and training
  • System development and integration
  • Architecture, IT, legal, data, data quality
  • Added value through process integration
  • Attractive funding grants (up to 50 %)
Price on request
Selected Customer References
  • W1 Omnichannel Marketing
  • Uniquare
  • Compass Gruppe
  • DB Schenker
Information & Contact

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Use Cases

Reduction of Marketing Costs

No more mailshots and advertising to the same receipients

Integration with CRM

Improvement of customer master data in the in-house CRM system

Data Analysis and Field Recognition

Identification of unknown data fields using the header and content information

Data Preparation

Cleaning, standardization, completion, correction, and validation of data sets

Similarity Detection

Elaborated comparison of data fields and complete data entries

Duplicate Identification

Identification of (near-)duplicates within a dataset

Screening of Terrorist Individuals

Verification of records against official lists of terrorist individuals

Examination of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Verification of records against official lists of Political Exposed Persons (PEPs)


Coming soon…