ATRAP facilitate a new dimension of trading news lightning-fast

ATRAP analyses and interprets incoming economic news items and compares these with trade conditions, following pre-sets defined by the user. These processes are fully automated and are performed within a fraction of a second!

ATRAP can be seen as the broker’s “extended arm”. News and it effects have a fundamental influence on the supply and demand of tradable financial instruments like shares, futures and commodities. In addition to routine messages (like quarterly reports, statistical economic data or base rate decisions) unexpected news in particular (for example ad-hoc news, profit warnings, surprising political or company-related events) provides the essential factors influencing markets from one moment to the next. A high rate volatility and sudden rate opportunities are the result. Especially news traders work with this kind of high-impact business news.

How does ATRAP work?

  • ATRAP receives the processing news via DOW JONES and THOMSON REUTERS, so it is ensured that the users are supplied exclusively with reliable, up-to-the-minute news.
  • ATRAP is connected with the user’s online broker software, thus there is no delay between ATRAP’s recognition of a fulfilled order condition and the actual trade. ATRAP is compatible with all Online Trading Platforms.
  • ATRAP’s heart is our self-developed text analysis technology called “LingRep” (Linguistic Repository). It analyses the incoming news and recognizes semantically reasonable contexts. Simply said, LingRep reads and understands news within the blink of an eye on behalf of ATRAP.

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Use Cases

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