An excerpt of possibilities to become creative

Here you find illustrative examples of our previous projects and solutions. Have a look around – maybe there is something exciting for you!

Sentiment and Political Assessments

Benchmarking econob’s Sentiment Analysis

The comparison of our sentiment analysis with international providers gains insight into our performance. Especially the results in German speak for themselves.

Election Monitoring on Social Media

Measuring the mood on social media like Twitter before elections has proven to be very meaningful. Both frequency and user tendencies allow clear conclusions to be drawn about the mood of the party and its top candidates.

Data Quality Assurance

LingRep Field Recognition

Field recognition includes resource-based, pattern-based, and statistical-based identification of single data field types.

LingRep Data Normalization

Data normalization includes sophisticated, extensible and customizable standardization, normalization, and validation of single data fields and full data entries.

LingRep Field Similarity

Field similarity includes sophisticated, extensible, and customizable matching of single data fields.

LingRep Entry Similarity

Entry similarity includes sophisticated, extensible and customizable matching of full data entries.