Improve and clean, contextualize and enrich enterprise data

DQT ensures that your business is not based on bad data. DQT provides you with a set of solutions and tools to clean your data and to optimize
the internal data quality and thus establishes a fundamental basis for your big data analytics. Business processes and decisions must rely on
the highest quality of data.

Data Cleansing
  • Normalization/Standardization of existing data
  • Correction and rectification of data
  • Data validation
Data Synchronization in Context
  • Semantic Similarity of textual data
  • Identification and merging of duplicates
  • Automatic List Matching (with ┬áthird party databases)
Increasing the Information Value
  • Enrich cleansed data with additional information
  • Enrich cleansed data with third party links and data


Download: DQT_Flyer