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Welcome to the world of econob!

Our passion for innovation was the incentive to be active in the business of information technology. Since econob was founded in 2009                                                by Markus Schicho and Marcus Hassler, a lot has changed. There is one thing that has always remained the same: our intent to accompany                                       our customers, business partners and employees into a successful future.


Dipl.-Ing. Markus Schicho
Director, CEO (Commercial Management)                                                                                 Studied Applied Computer ScienceResponsible for Customer Expansion, strategic and operative planning. Expert in data Minig, database and web technologies, graphical user interfaces
Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Marcus Hassler
Director, CTO (Technical Management)                                                                                  Studied Applied Computer Science
Teaching Degree for Mathematics and Computer Science
PhD in Computer ScienceResponsibe for the implementation of expert systems, planning and design of technical requirements. Expert in natural language processing, information retrieval, business mathematics and large scale data processing



Markus Schicho (CEO)
Marcus Hassler (CTO)

Advisory Board

Günther Fliedl

Advisory Board

Kurt Lackenbucher

Advisory Board

Martin Tauber