Data Management and Analytics

DMA – A tailored and business relevant information workflow

DMA (Data Management & Analytics) serves as the basis for a full set of customer specific solutions including the evaluation of data sources, data acquisition and management, quality assurance, customized (text) analytics, visualization, and finally the generation of added value. Exploiting this newly found knowledge in your business processes and decisions unleashes the enormous potential of Big Data.

econob’s service portfolio incorporates the complete DMA process support as well as innovative solutions for data quality management and text analytics.

Some questions why DMA is important to you

  • You have time and data intense business processes?
  • You are overwhelmed by your information/data pools?
  • Quality and integrity of your data is underwhelming?
  • Content or your documents are unmanageable?
  • You miss out on relevant information or news?
  • Important information about your company is missing?
  • You don’t know how your customers perceive your product?
  • You miss business opportunities due to a lack of insight and connections?

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Assessment of internal and external data sources


Data integration including digitisation and structuring


Ensuring that the data can be trusted


Explore and extract knowledge from information

Added Value

Business success with reports, visualizations, and integration