Products and Solutions

Application – Middleware – Technology

econob’s product portfolio offers cutting-edge technology for information processing and quality assurance. Depending on the requirements and technical expertise, we provide complete applications and platforms (applications), backend solutions and processing frameworks (middleware) as well as web service encapsulated functionalities (technology). Depending on the area of application, our products are implemented either inhouse or as hosted services on request. Security and discretion are always our top priority!

Standard Platforms


Data Quality Management to improve, contextualize, and enrich enterprise data


Software/Product Platform to Support automated news driven Asset Trading


Software platform to enrich, model, analyze, visualize and integrate textual data

Tailored Solutions

Classification API

We offer services to automatically classify the text information at hand for further processing.

Customized API

econob’s API (application programming interface) lets you build/generate automated applications tailored to your individual text analytics and text generation needs

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Data Quality Tool (DQT)

Improve, contextualize and enrich enterprise data

Text Analytics (TA)

Integrate our services into your software landscape


Use Machine Learning for Automated Categorization


Convenient middleware solution for data processing according to your requirements


Enrich, model, analyze, visualize and integrate textual data from various sources in real-time


The Future of News Trading